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excuse me.. but all u guys who keep sayin u couldnt see anything sexual goin on mustve seen a very different version of this film..

in my version theres a scene were a naked man lies on top of a naked 12 year old boy.. strokes his head .. calls him prince n says "ure mine"..
he then offers his hand for the boy to bite down on n u can see that wotever is happening next is causin the boy pain..

i have either seen a very different version or adults r a lot more naive than i thought

this film triggered me so bad ...

This is about a boy who was lonely. Desperate for love. He found someone to give that to him. But at what price? The fact that a child is lonely does not absolve the adult. If the adult truly loved the child, he could have made him feel special without asking for certain things in return.

Sorry for the massive bump. I've been thinking about this movie all day and needed to share my feelings somewhere. Such a subtle but ultimately disgusting twist on what it means to love someone.
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