I was in the Louisiana Army National Guard 205th Engineer Batallion under the 225th Engineer Battalion from 2003-2009 with 2 or 3 years on inactive duty. Because of the abuse suffered as a kid and having to take meds although being cleared by a psychiatrist to go into military, I was bullied and ganged up on by fellow soldiers while I was at my unit (not basic, mind you). Nothing was done, even an E6 or E7 saw it and said ''don't let them f--k you in the a--''. One woman E7 from another unit grabbed my ass.

I eventually started drinking, cutting. About a week before drill, I started to get nervous, lose sleep, drink, beat myself to make myself ''tougher'', was suicidal. I left to go to a rehab in Arizona in around 2005 and told the guy in charge but was too ashamed and intimidated to tell anyone about the bullying. It's 2013. I still have trouble holding down a job and going to school.

I tried going to school back when I was in the guard but kept failing out because of all the stuff I was going through. This is just the tip of the iceberg.

Does anyone know if I can sue the military? My life is in shambles and I'm fighting to get better everyday. The 205th Regiment has since been taken over by the 1021st. Thank you.