Mr. Former Texan...Andy...

I have attempted to deal with my "demons" for far too long...I need to know where, if in chat?, I can be open and candid and not worry about breaking a rule. I understand there may still be limits. I have been in formal therapy several times. And doctors seems to understand "this" to a certain extent. However the best people I have found who understand "this", are those who have experienced it. Let me share...before moving to Memphis, I went to a church lead group for men. Not really sure who the target audience really was because many topics of male sexuality came up. One topic that hit me nearest to home was: A younger guy just coming from having worked out at the gym. He was recently married however expressed he was still having hooks ups at the gym. He liked to masturbate with another guy. Me--I have been stuck in this nearly same, endless cycle for so long, I am so tired of it and can't seem to break away. I read in an article shared by some one here, excessive masturbation can be an offspring of molestation. I don't know when I started this, but it is well beyond control. I have stopped and then I get into mood swings.

Hope the candor isn't too much....but being you are one of the moderators, I was hopeful I could bounce this off of you and find some resolve. Thank you.