Firstly Fhorns, I would not take anything seriously from the last airbender film. It is a horrible, horrible travesty of a truly magnificent original animated series, it took all the elements that made that series fantastic, the characters, the world, the philosophy and flushed them straight down the toilet to replace with dull, and sterriotypical imagery.

For example, it took ang and made him into a bald 17 year old martial arts hero, when actualy in the series he is a 12 year old boy with quite literally the weight of the world on his shoulders, who wakes up to find his entire people and world gone, andyet still! manages to bring joy to those around him.

Zuko is another one, in the series he is a genuinely conflicted character, desperately looking for his fathers' aproval even then his father is a sadistic psychopath, and the relationship he has with his uncle is amazing, since Iro supports him through everything and lets him find his own path.

the same pretty much goes for every single character in the series, indeed if you want to see a very human and realistic portrate of vulnerable young male characters who go through a lot, and yet overcome their various conflicts I couldn't recommend the series highly enough, indeed traditional masculine sterriotypes are very much something the series goes against, in fact I might argue that it's a very anti sterriotypical series since the Firelord is about the most traditionally male character in it, and yet all he advocates, strength without compassion, conquest for conquest's sake, and self glorification are precisely the things about the ale sterriotype which any reasonably thinking man would hate.

The series also bucks trends in having a fourteen year old girl as a pprinciple antagonist, and yet making her someone who is cold, powerful and emotionless, oh, and no suggestions of anything s/xual at all, she's just a fire hurling psycho.

So, firstly, I'd actually advise not seeding any authority to last airbender film, it was a truly cringe worthy peace of hollywood clap trap, and really should not even bare the name of such a fantastically writen original series which I'd recommend to anyone. Yes it's animated, but so is half of tv in japan. indeed, I first came across it because my brother is an anime nut and recommended it, not as a kid's series but as an example of very finely written western anime, albeit one with no overly adult content, indeed in many ways it's ained at a similar audience to Harry potter, ie, read by kids, but enjoyed by adults for it's quality.

Regarding the actual question about validation by women, I'm not sure, since though I tend to find myself getting on more easily with women than with men this is simply because men, ---- or at least sterriotypical men, aren't interested in anything I'd be interested in, plus traditional male crude or toilet humour I can find quite triggering due to genophobia. Generally my social skills let me get on with anyone, however what I'm rapidly realizing is that just because I have the ability to get anyone to tell me things and trust me, doesn't make them actually be close.

Yes, within half an hour I can usually have someone telling me what is wrong with their life, someone of either gender, but that means nothing, since it means nothing to most people, I'm always the exception, the one in the corner, the person who "oh yeah, he's great to talk to, but lets forget him when we envite everyone around"

This goes forboth genders though, and generally speaking I treat both the same, indeed I rarely think of women in a s/xually attractive light at all, not unless I do something stupid like fall in love which is always a bad idea.

I have often felt that if I ever could derive an emotional connection with someone while making love, something which was the opposite of what was taken from me, it'd validate something about me. It still hurts that the physiclly closest I've been to anyone was while having my face spat in, and that I've never been kissed.

This would be however exclusively emotional, indeed the thought of just essentially physically doing the act with no content is pretty disgusting to me, ---- one reason why I've never sought out a prostitute, even though my mum did suggest it once as a cure for genophobia.

There's a kind of fascinaton in the idea, something attractive and yet repellent, like "what does eurine taste like?" but though I do find myself thinking about the idea I know how I'd feel afterwards.

In wanting an emotional connection with a partner though I have only ever hurt myself, since manifestly nobody wants that sort of closeness with me. this hurts, and for aa long while I resorted to a resolution that I'd avoid this, ---- however my resolution failed, so I'm still stuck.

Well at least I can listen to others' problems and have them talk to me before they forget me, and there's always my love of music, I just wish I could be content with that.