Hello, I was sexually abused by my older female cousin and also by my father. My father's abuse was primarily exhibitionism and trying to get me involved sexually with prostitutes and other females older and the same age. Incest has been an issue in my father's side of the family, both the siblings as well as parent child without the child's consent of course. A couple of years ago my children spent the week with my aunt, my father's sister. My aunt has always given the indication that she abhors the kind of behavior I mentioned above....
My son recently told me that he didn't want to go back to her house and one of the reasons he mentioned was that she would wake them in the mornings hovering over them with her bare breasts draped on their faces. In my opinion this is sexual abuse and as with my father, I now have no relationship with my aunt. I am hurt and outraged at the same time!
Thanks for allowing me to vent.