I have thought a lot about goldstone's post. So as not to hijack it, I am starting a new one.

What makes a man a real man?...What makes a man manly/masculine?

In my opinion:

A real man shares his feelings....hiding your feelings is chicken. It takes courage to be honest about them.

A real man is vulnerable

A real man shares his fears and doesn't deny them or try to numb them

A real man puts his family above all others

A real man is grateful for what he has

A real man accepts imperfection from himself and others

A real man knows how to ask for help and/or what he needs

A real man is affectionate

A real man doesn't blame others for his problems

A real man accepts and appreciates where he is today!

A real man knows all about sports (ok, that is a joke)

Anyone else have any input??????????

Please add your opinions...