Well letís see if I can introduce myself and I need to say there are TRIGGERS be careful.
I was a truck driver for 25 years and now I am into IT. I just opened up with all my feelings 3 years ago. Before then being alone in the truck and sex drugs and well more drugs made me numb most of the time. I moved to where I am now and stopped doing all that and POW it all came out. I was abused starting at 5 by an old man and his sister and then by neighborhood boys. I remember sitting on the step with him and the boys walking by saying hey there is cunt face letís get him. Luckily I do not remember a lot of all that. I went from one abuser to another not always sexual, Family can leave big scars just with their tongues. Later in my twenties I was attacked by 3 men and raped beaten and left for dead. Needless to say I have trust issues with men so I have no friends. I know boohoo for me. Anywho thatís the short of it.