Interesting article. I can see how the abuse can cause imprinting. It goes back to re-enactment victims enter into to alleviate the pain and feel somewhat in control-but always as the victim. Not for this reason alone, it is so important for victims to get help to heal so they can gain the life the deserve and leave behind the control the abuser has over us.

I also believe if people look at victims who dissociate with sex. The level of dissociation varies (and some have no recollection of the sex) and for these people emotional connection lacks but rather attempts to satisfy the pain that lurks within due to the abuse. The dissociation is automatic, defense mechanism to protect us. Sadly, for many victims dissociation becomes a maladaptive coping mechanism. I have lived it and only now in mid life and I am learning new coping mechanisms and it requires facing and accepting the abuse.

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