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The ideas you acquired wrongly through abuse are like nails driven into the wall of your mental psyche. The emotions you have are like shirts or rags hanging on these nails. The ideas are things you have been taught by abuse and bad parenting and bad social conditions, depending on your situation. It is as though the bad things you were taught are like nails driven into the wall of your conceptual home. The nails may be wrong ones and damaging ones, especially those from abuse. When you talk these out you will become insightful as to the misplaced emotions hanging from those nails. They will fade away as they are drenched in light.

The ideas and emotional furniture of your mind are also habitual. You think a certain way, and feel a certain way because you have "always done so". You must expose these ideas and emotions to a trusted T and allow them to throw light on them. They will then begin to melt away.

Love this. thank you! We are SO SURE our emotions are CORRECT, aren't we??