Two weeks ago, my son was caught smoking spice and is now in the brig. His dad and I are heart broken. He had such a promising future. We truly felt that the USMC would help him with self esteem, confidence, etc. It worked for a year, until he got to his PDS. I knew he was lonely, and bored after work. I encouraged him to get a moon-lighting job, told him to join the bowling league....yada, yada.... He has had issues in the past with making impetuous decisions....not thinking before acting, etc. that have gotten him in trouble. Now he's really in trouble. We heard from him yesterday and they are sending him to "the block" for two weeks for peeling a strip of paint off the wall. He's panicked and scared. The punishment clearly doesn't fit the "crime". This will do nothing for him and I'm deeply concerned. My son clearly has not put his childhood trauma behind him (non-combative PTSD from childhood sexual abuse from a teenaged neighbor). He needs further counseling, and also possibly drug treatment. In the beginning we encouraged him to fight for his USMC career, but now we're not so sure. I have contacted his former GnySgt but haven't heard from him yet. Can anyone help me? He's gotta get on the fast track for separation. I have heard that it can take 6 months to a year. They let you stew and make you feel like shit. This young man doesn't need anyone making him feel lower than he already does. That's how suicides happen.... Thanks for any help. A Loving Marine Mom
A wife and mother trying to find answers.

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