Hello JJ.

The events leading up to my situation today are somewhat different.
I was abused by an older cousin starting when she was 13 and I was 9. This older cousin had just been raped by my father. My father molested another 13 year old cousin and I have heard but not confirmed there were more. In addition to this, he was often exposing himself to me, tried to buy me a prostitute when 13, seems to be something about the age 13 with him..anyway there is more. My issue is that I decided not to allow my father unsupervised access with my children which did not sit well with him. I also exposed and confronted him about the abuses with me and my cousins. The result is that I have lost a lot of "friends", basically all of my family on my fathers side, and I am the reason for his "sadness" today. I am the unforgiving son who can't let the past go. In 2010, my father threatened to kill me, has actually threatened me many times with harm, not death but for that one time. I dread seeing him in public or any of my family. I too have thought of moving to another town but it just isn't an option for me. Here is how I feel about it today. If someone is OK with HIS past and finds fault with me for protecting myself and my family, good riddance! It still hurts and I still have to remind myself who is a fault for the situation. I am finding more and more peace and trying to focus on the good things in my life as much as possible though it isn't always easy. I wish you peace and hope your situation improves. Hang in there.