The fellow i was involved with continued to pursue me: almost take possession of me and i was getting crazier and crazier, hoping to get back to my wife and work things out and hoping to end this dysfunctional mess i was in with him. Drinking got worse until i was afraid i was going to commit suicide over the mess i was in or was gonna have to get help, to get away from this guy. Thankfully some family intervened and I went to 6 weeks of a treatment program on loa from my job.

now i am back, in aa meetings and seeing a counselor again.
i am home, the guy has not bothered me and i am trying to help myself first, take care of myself and then my is tough when you feel like the family thinks you should have it together now, and expect you to act like you are 50 emotionally when i really am still stuck at pre-teen.

thanks guys for being here...peace