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i'll start.

A pair of hapless burglary suspects in Oklahoma found themselves in hot water last week after authorities say one of the men inadvertently butt-dialed police.

"Never have I seen or heard of anything like this," Pittsburg County Sheriff told local news affiliates.

On Friday evening, a 23-year-old burglar and his accomplice allegedly broke into a home and made away with money, jewelry and a gun, the station notes.

But the suspects' plan hit a snag when one butt-dialed authorities. As County dispatchers listened with astonishment, the men proceeded to discuss the the incident.

"We're good, I got enough jewelry, we're good," one man said, according to the news station.

The dispatchers notified deputies, who said they traced the call and were able to catch the but-dialer when he tried to sell the jewelry at a pawn shop. Although the second suspect was able to flee the scene, deputies said they are closing in on him.

The man faces a charge of second-degree burglary.