so today i have been listening to music all day and one song that i absolutly loved because it was on vampire diaries (1 of my favorite shows) "All I Need" by Within Temptations

I still love this song but the meaning of the song goes much deeper for me now as i listened to in about 3 times in a row I keep relating it to my H csa survivor. I didnt know how to put the meaning in words so I google searched it and this is exactly what I was thinking but I was more thinking by putting myself in my H shoes, and we have our ups and downs through this experience frown and things i tend to say from being pushed down so far sometimes dont come out right so i imagine the love of my life hurting so much just wanting to feel good again and that he needs me to be that person as much as i can and to try and watch what i say "dont bring{him} me down" he wants something to believe in again. I want to keep him believing in love, i feel that is one of the strongest things in life that can keep a person continuing on and fighting for what they want/believe in. I want him to know it will get better. Im not leaving.

This is what google said:And that is what the song is about, that you're trying to hold on to the things that are important, that you try to find something that you can believe in and which is worth living, if it's family or the love of your life or (laugh) things that make your life worth [living]. And this person in the song is really disappointed [with a lot of things], because a lot of people are fake or things don't turn out the way she had hoped they would do.

sorry its a long post but i just thought that i would share the song im trying to look at it from an inspiration stand point to be strong for my H and maybe others would too and try to remember he needs me right now and things are a little fragile right now. need to "handle with care"