Hey Jacob,

Thanks for your post. I too have an aversion to men's gatherings in which I do not have a clear purpose of being there. So you will never see me at a Super Bowl party. I would have no reason to be there. It is also difficult to travel with other men I do not know. The situation you described is a perfect reason why. But if I have a reason and a purpose, I insist on my right to stand as a man among men especially now that I do not lust after them and am free to relate to them in a healthy and mature way.

Zup Bodyguard!
Yea, ssa is feared by most survivors. That is a good way of putting it. I never thought of it like that. I was thinking yesterday of a line in the Bible which says, "Hating ourselves, we hated one another." We would never have acted that way in the presence of a bunch of straight men. At least I don't think so.

I shall learn a lesson. Next SSA meeting in SA, I will be proactive to remind participants of the no cross talk rule and define it so that we are all on the same page before the sharing begins.

Thanks for the welcome home too. It is good to be back. Nice cool weather, ahhh. I am going to check out s-anon and al-anon right after I type this. I am looking forward to working my program in those rooms.

Ciao yall