Glad you are joining Pero. Sorry to hear about your high blood pressure. From what I've read, you can change your diet and lose weight without doing a single bit of exercise, but exercising without changing your diet is pretty much useless if you want to lose weight. Which sucks. I'm sure the exercise is good for your heart and stuff though. I got a new bike last year that's really awesome. It's a Specialized Allez Comp road bike. I really wanted to get it in black but they only had red in stock at the shop. I was too much of an impatient kid wait for them to order it in for me though. I love cycling but there are a lot of crazies on the road, so I try to stick to cycle paths as much as I can. The canal tow paths are pretty decent. Once I cycled 240km in a week.

Today I got up at 9:30. So that's good. I weighed myself yesterday. It was depressing. I'm just making up some kind of plan of what food I'm going to make for the week. Things go better when I plan.