@Falcon, what you said about "shows you really like" reminded me of something that I saw myself.

I generally speaking really ejoy The Simpsons (albeit current series are going off quite a bit), with the social comedy and satire, however there was one scene that really bothered me.

It was about homer and marge (who are, if you don't watch the program the principle mum and dad of the simpso family), reliving an incident from Homer's past where he went to a summer camp as a ten year old and met a ten year old marge.

The stuff betwene homer and marge was fine, --- they met, talked very awkwardly and shared a kiss, ---- okay, a little sappy but I can live with it. Later in the episode however, Homer runs to find Marge who has already left. He meeets marge's sister patty who perminantly hates Homer in the series as an adultk, who gleefully informs him marge left because he never came back as they'd previous arranged, and she hates him. He exclaims

"but we kissed" to which patty, ---- at this point about telve, replies, "that's not special" and proceeds to grab homer's face and forceably give him an obviously adult kiss.

Just to be clear, this is a twelve year old girl, violently forcing adult, overtly s/xual stuff on a 10 year old boy, a boy who is morever saying a muffled "no!" and struggling to get out of her grip.

Yes, it's a cartoon, but my god, what were the writers thinking? oh yar, I know what they were thinking, when a girl does it to a boy it's funny, since after all young girls don't do those sorts of things.

To understand this kind of blindspot look at reactions to the film kick ass,an admittedly dark take on the super hero genre.

In it, "hit girl" is a violent, boarderline psychotic girl who knives, shoots and generally brutalizes her way through many mafia bad guys while swearing and cursing. Yet, the thing that people got up in arms about is that she was a twelve year old girl doing this! indeed the producers wanted to change her gender as if a boy doing the same things would be more acceptabl.

In fairness there's nothing s/xual about kick ass, it's a film about exactly how much nastiness and violence and inherent stupidity there is under the idea of squeaky clean super heroes, so the violence serves a point, however what it says about cultural perceptions about young girls, ---- especially that the same film features 14 year old boys doing equally brutal things and nobody bats an eye lid.

Btw, there are seens in kick ass that some people might find triggering, so I don't recommend watching it unless your okay on violence, --- it isn't intended as nice or feel good but satire in it's purist sense, ---- like the scene when the mafia broardcast a video of people trying to be Superheroes being tortured onto youtube and in a school canteen people are desperately trying to "unlike" that video so that others won't think them sick, --- despite the fact of what is actually being scene.