Hi guys

just want to point out a guy which i really enjoy watching. His name is Ajahn Brahm and he's a Buddhist monk. An english fellow who is now stationed in Perth, Australia.

Youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/BuddhistSocietyWA?feature=watch

His talks are very helpful, because they help me realize my own inner strength and also help me to cope with the abuse. It can be very hard to forgive and feel compassion for people who do the abuse. Just hearing him speak helps me to realize that nevertheless it is possible to be kind and to forgive.

To me Buddhism is the path i follow right now. But i am pretty sure that there's something in his talks for Christians too! To me the teachings of Jesus have always been inspiring, though i'm not a Bible reader. And hearing Ajahn Brahm speak, i recognize a lot of what i see as the teachings of Jesus (be kind and compassionate, while being wise as to never demanding anything from others)

Anywayz, i hope that everyone finds their path and find healing and comfort in any teachings which work. We all deserve to be loved and to be held with compassion. And the best way to get this, is to do the same for others selflessly. It can be tough, to fight our own selfish needs, but if we can, the quality of our lives can improve drastically.

So just take a look at the Youtube channel and look for a teaching. The one which helped me a lot was the talk on depression and anxiety: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fixvb3s25Uk

let me know if you found anything of interest.

All the best on your (healing) journeys my friends!

Bless you!


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Trust me, you are worth it to love yourself!

I now know who I am - I've never been anybody else!