can't even sit with my family and watch a family movie on television without being triggered.
stupid show has this flirting relationship with sexual undertones between a teenage boy and his buddy's mom that is supposed to funny.
he is helping her with the garden, and they are teasing each other.
the sexual tension is obvious.
it is making me sick, but i don't want to say anything to ruin the show for everyone else, so here i am furiously typing away in the corner, trying to avoid listening to this garbage while pretending to still be here.
at least i can make conversation with them during the commercial breaks. i love my family, but their taste in tv sucks.

sorry had to get that out of my system.
feel better now.
thanks for being there wink

oh oh.
now the boy and the woman are dancing romantically.
and she is talking about cougars and milf's.
this is making me sick again.

i may have to leave the room.

this is really creepy.

ok, so now the friend/son just walked in on them and it is all awkward and my family is laughing.
at least they are having a good time.
this is a family comedy?
i am not amused.