Yes, I suspect the same thing.

Her emotional needs were so massive that I felt physical proximity to her would just annihilate me.

becoming the object of her boundless need was terrifying.

I think i've completely shut down.

Luckily i'm married to a woman who takes her sexuality very lightly...doesn't throw it around and doesn't make demands. But when she's ready, just says so matter of factly.

And I do the same.

It works. I'm lucky.

But, how do I put this, when she comes, I'm happy for her, but I don't get at all the same kickback/satisfaction I used to get with men. I have trouble thinking of female orgasm as the deep and root level experience of a male one. I don't know.

Thanks for your input. Wise!

I remember I used to sleep in my mom's bed sometimes and then at one point when i was in elementary school she forbade it and explained that when a boy becomes a man, he can't sleep with women, even relatives. She said there can be sexual feelings and thats not good. I was already sexually aware, so I understood what she meant. I guess I should be grateful for the boundary she made, but it makes me wonder if there was something going on from her end.