Aw dammit. Another one...

That is a tough read for me. The blind trust we used to afford those around us like "The Czar" is astounding. I'm not na´ve enough to think we have exorcised the likes of him from our midst. Still, these things were as wrong in any year--much less today.

My own boarding school experience was overwhelmingly positive. The Deerfield case unfortunately isn't isolated I'm afraid. The environment in these places is normally supportive---but ripe for the covert abuse of that trust. I wonder about the other Czars I've met. The victim/author alludes to Holden Caulfield. Oh, I know.

I'm grateful I was supported at school. I'm impressed that Sheppard pursued this. He speaks with the voice if a survivor. I'm also grateful the current school administration is taking this seriously. It's about time somebody did just that.


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