What happened at Deerfield

By Whit Sheppard.
Preview of July 21, 2013

Originally Posted By: Boston Globe by author Whit Sheppard
I was a teenager at the elite boarding school in the 1980s. He was my teacher, coach, and dorm parent. He was also a sexual predator


Originally Posted By: Whit Sheppard in Boston Globe

For nearly three decades, I chose to remain largely silent about events dating back to my adolescence, but in June 2012, I wrote Deerfield Academy’s head of school, Margarita Curtis, disclosing that a venerated faculty member had sexually abused me during my senior year at the elite Western Massachusetts boarding school in the winter of 1983.

Originally Posted By: Whit Sheppard in Boston Globe

Beginning midway through the fall term of my senior year, the Czar initiated an insistent campaign to give me a back rub. I shrugged it off the first few times with a casual “Thanks anyway.” I wish I could say that I understood his aims, but it never crossed my mind that Hindle was anything other than what he appeared to be: a highly esteemed “man’s man” who was genuinely interested in the well-being of his charges. He was the last person I would have suspected of being sexually interested in adolescent boys, or in me.

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