So .... achilles tendonitus from a heel spur. Doc says X-Ray shows where surgery is needed, but it's inflamed - so he puts me in a (black) boot that goes to my knee to wear for 4 weeks to get rid of the inflamation. Nice thing is, no pain while I wear the boot - so I put up with the extra 4 pounds on my left foot for a while.
Yesterday is one month - I see him for follow up, swelling appears (by examination) to be gone, but problem (PAIN) is still there, if I'm not in the boot. NOW he says he needs an MRI so he knows exactly what he'll see when he "opens me up". Great. Soonest MRI - 3 weeks. Then one week for him to get results and a couple days for him to plan strategy for full treatment. Then he'll call me - but I won't be available because I'll be at a male survivor's retreat that weekend.
So I get back third week in August. He'll tell me he's prepared now to do the operation (I HOPE!) - so we just need to schedule it.
Anybody wanna venture a guess how long it will take to get me into surgery???
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