Just in time for my MS 1st anniversary, another draw and the results from a couple months ago. This time around it's a plateau as I'd had previously (not that I'd EVER project, but the last time this happened, it preceded a major jump on the numbers):

CD4 absolute 176 (from 33 baseline)
CD4 % 6.54% (from 2.6% baseline)

Next draw/results early October...so y'all are safe from this thread until then.

Was also told that no matter when I entered the study, as long as they're still taking new guinea pigs, it extends the duration of treatment for the rest of us for another two years minimum. Kinda like a timeline reset. So, as of this moment, instead of having 1 years minimum left on my timeline, I'm back to two years.

Not significant, but I've dropped some of the initial weight I'd gained...which, imo, I could have stood to lose anyway ;-) Perhaps more clinically significant, the nail fungus that has plagued me the past year has met its match as my immune response has improved. The affected nails are almost back to normal. I guess that means I can finally go back to picking my nose with my index finger.