Hi Again Jaifian,

I'm sorry that along with the usual difficulties in dealing with sexual abuse that you're also experiencing therapist issues. As you said it may just be a misunderstanding or perhaps the therapist you see isn't trained to treat survivors of sexual abuse. It is a specific area of counseling that has different protocols than other therapies and the counselor you're seeing may not have the qualifications and experience needed to help you.

Even in Community Mental Health there are people who work primarily with survivors. If you're in a larger mental health system these therapist may be working in another office on the other side of town. It may be helpful to call your case manager and inquire if there's someone else who may have specific training in treating sexual abuse.

You deserve to be comfortable with who you work with and to be treated respectfully and appropriately. I hope things get better for you soon and I wish you all the best in healing.

Gary / 1.healing
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