I feel like I have to second guess myself kind of because I already know I'm going to be cranky about dealing with it at all, so I'm probably going to read things cynically. Every time I have to tell the story to someone in person like that it kind of feels like that person is victimizing me. It feels like my getting raped is being used to humiliate me for not defending myself. It's like because I couldn't defend myself I now have to keep telling therapists about getting raped as punishment.

So when I already feel like that, it's probably too easy to think bad things about the therapist like they must be getting off on it or whatever. ThisMan, that is truly a therapist horror story! That therapist clearly had issues of her own and was not capable of helping someone else.

There are bad therapists out there. My feeling is the one I have is probably ok, just not great like the very first on I had. Since I'm stuck with community mental health, my choices are limited.