[/quote]but isn't a good therapist supposed to be good at making sure you DONT feel that way?[quote]

Jaifian, I think your statement answers your question. There are many, many times when we will be uncomfortable sharing info related with assault. But to be ask for specific details is something I would have a hard time with.

When I began therapy in Nov of '12, I went to ONE therapist who thought male on male rape was a matter of co-dependency. Truly, she gave me a paper to rate my co-dependency traits. I did not go back. T #2... I found her thru the recommendation of a friend. I am still trying to erase the remarks from my psychic that she said.... things like "now you know how a woman feels", and "I guess you are taking it up both ends"... and that my behavior caused the rape. Unfortunately for me, I stayed a few months longer that I should have.

T #3... I have been with him for about 2 1/2 months. If he asks something or says something that makes me uncomfortable, I remember that I am in control. I just ask for clarification as to why the question or the remark. It's very empowering. If he were to ask for details such as you mentioned, I would ask him why. If I became as uncomfortable as you are with my T, I probably would not return.

A T can do remarkable damage that stays with us. The goal is to take care of YOU. Hope my thoughts help a bit.

For now we see through a glass, darkly.