Tut- happy birthday, my man. Hope it was a very good one. I read your story. Beautifully written. Poverty is something I can relate to and it always touches something deep within me when I hear stories or have images such as you have given of the kids with no shoes, no shirts. I did not have my first very own winter jacket until I was 9. It was a CPO jacket. (Just brought back a memory).

[/quote]Anyway. I was walking home today. I walked through the area. And I was filled with a feeling. I don't know what that was. There is nothing I can do about the stupidity of man.

So I ran. I ran for an hour. I ran to places that I didn't know and only remember from my childhood, and I kept running. I ran for a whole hour. And then I lay down and looked at the stars.

I don't know what I want to say.
I ran. I fought, that is all.[quote]

I don't know exactly what I want to say to you either, but just to let you know that this has touched me on an emotional level. I want to run like you did and fall down and look at the stars. And selfish me doesn't want to do it alone this time. I want someone beside me. Man, what a glorious image you have shared.

Yes, sir. You ran. You fought. ......and you have touched me. Keep sharing your thoughts.

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