South African Male Survivors of Sexual Abuse (SAMSOSA) is a Not for Profit Company 2012/176739/08 that offers support for professionals working with male survivors of rape and sexual abuse in the form of professional development conferences, workshops and referrals. Male survivors are supported through a weekend workshop that provides the participants with the tools required to move from survivor to thriver.


WORKING WITH MALES OF SEXUAL ABUSE is a one day professional development workshop for people working with men in both the professional and voluntary sector. It will be held in Johannesburg on the 17th September 2013 at the GIBS Business School and in Cape Town on the 25th September 2013 at Backsberg Estate. The cost is only R895 ($90) which includes all refreshments, lunch and notes

MALE SEXUAL VICTIMISATION CONFERENCE to be held in Johannesburg on the 18th September 2013 at the GIBS Business School. The purpose of the conference is to provide professionals, volunteers and male survivors with the Knowledge, skills and insight that will enable them to provide appropriate interventions and strategies. R795 ($80) includes refreshments, lunch and speakers notes.

VICTIMS NO LONGER is a weekend recovery workshop for non offending male survivors, 20 – 22 September 2013 at the Ngomo Safari Lodge, Cradle of Humankind. The purpose of the weekend is to provide support and strategies that will move the male survivor through the process of healing from victim to survivor to thriver in a safe, controlled and supportive environment. We appeal to you to forward this information to any survivor in Southern Africa. If a male survivor is financially unable to meet the costs of R995 ($100) including accommodation, meals and handouts, application can be made to SAMSOSA for financial assistance by contacting SAMSOSA via email

The weekends, conferences and workshops will be facilitated by Mike Lew, an internationally renowned specialist from Boston, USA and author of the book “Victims No Longer: The Classic guide for Men recovering from Sexual Abuse”.

As a male survivor, I have experienced the reality of rape and sexual abuse. A tipping point in my recovery as a survivor of both sexual abuse and rape, was when I travelled to Scarborough in the UK to attend a "Victims No Longer" weekend. Facilitated by author Mike Lew a world renowned expert in this field of recovery, I was afforded the opportunity for the first time ever to interact with other male survivors. I did not have to explain my feelings as the men there experienced first-hand the pain and trauma I had gone through. I am no longer a victim or a survivor; I can now proudly say I am a thriver. It was with this motivation that I founded SAMSOSA and have worked to make it possible that South Africans do not have to leave the borders of our country to derive the benefits of this life changing experience.

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South African MALE SURVIVORS of Sexual Abuse
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