I agree with Former Texan on this. no, society does not understand female perpetrators of s/xual abuse, especially violent and sadistic ones, however if anyone is likely to understand or at least have enough imaginative empathy to work it out, the guys hear are a good start, heck even in the female perps corner my abusers were virtual strangers not family members, they were even my own age as well, however that doesn't mean I don't have the ability to sympathise with someone abused by his mother, ---- or fatherfor that matter.

Society is indeed wrong on this, all part of a culture of sexism against men that is utterly unrecognized most of the time, but the point that we internalise that universal attitude and say "nobody understands so I'll not discuss this with anyone!" is the point that nobody will.

Again, hurray for Ms, and for people like Former Texan who make sure things are said even to people who don't want to hear.

Heck, if I hadn't found the artical on Wikipedia admitting female rape of a man and directing me to ms, god knows where I'd be now.