Thanks, King Tut, for bringing the enthusiasm and a more positive outlook about this initiative. But, I feel like I will have to see more outcomes with this before I shake my skepticism. To me, it seems more of a myth. The same things as seeing a headline that says, "No more child abusers in 2 years!"

I mean when I was involved in the pornography ring, it was in the 70's and they had their shit down. They took photos and videos. I know that stuff is still out there, and it makes me feel so powerless to do anything about it. But, what can I do? I just think there are enough institutional and worldwide networks of this stuff, that they have some tech geniuses of their own that will keep finding ways to disseminate and share. But, I hope I am wrong, for sure.

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These things are way too easy to access on the internet, and triggering for me as a survivor of childhood pornography.

I'm sorry. If any of the abuse I experienced was filmed or photographed and circulated online, I would go nuts. That has to be difficult to deal with.

Thanks, Gary. It is maddening at times and a major issue. Completely and certifiably nuts here. crazy


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