Thanks for posting this, King Tut. It is nice to see a proactive campaign targeting parents and kids.

This really made me think about my own abuse and whether hearing messages like this would have made me tell immediately. I guess there is no way of knowing that answer. I do remember stories told by other kids about "Chester the Molester" as kind of an urban legend. I heard stories about not getting into strange cars with older men. But, that did not stop me from getting abused.

I think the distinction is that it is a slow grooming that happened to me. In those situations, the abuse is designed by perps to kind of "sneak up" on the victim. Then, "bang," an act is committed and the freezing, the fear, the mental retreat happens. Then, the threats and coercion starts in. At that point, I am not sure any message like this can get through. But, maybe I am wrong. I would happily be wrong on that.

I am just glad to see this campaign as a step in the right direction. Hope to see more and more of this stuff.


"Great spirits have often encountered violent opposition from weak minds."
-Albert Einstein