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New message from NSPCC

"The NSPCC says because most sexual assaults on children are made by people they know, it is vital that they understand at an early age that some types of touching are not right.

The campaign, launched on radio and online on Monday, advises parents to explain to children about what it calls "the underwear rule", using the acronym PANTS, which is that:

Privates are private
Always remember your body belongs to you
No means no
Talk about secrets that upset you
Speak up, someone can help you"

Not a bad list- maybe professionals are starting to get the picture.

They do seem to have different statistics to what we usually see- although I believe these NSPCC statistics more than "1in6".

""But as the statistics show it does happen to one in 20 kids, and nine times out of 10, by someone known to the child. So by talking about it, you are taking the first steps to keeping your children safe."

The article is worth a read, it is written fairly well and my extracts are put into context, it is quite a well rounded article.