Volunteers Needed for a Study Investigating Rape Victims’ Experience with Post-Assault Services in London: help counsellors and the community better assist the needs of survivors!!! Your voice matters and needs to be heard.

You Are Eligible to Participate:
If you are aged 18 or above
If you are a victim/survivor of sexual violence and have used one post-assault services or more (legal, medical, mental health)
If you are a victim/survivor of sexual violence and you did not seek post-assault services
OR if you are a legal investigator, forensic examiner or mental health provider for post-assault services

The study will involve one 60-90 minute interview that will take place in person or over skype. Interview will include questions about your experiences receiving post-assault services and suggestions for how to improve. You will be able to review the full set of questions prior to your interview.

This study is sponsored by the University of Roehampton.

Please email the Principle Investigator to express your interest in participating: alstadca@roehampton.ac.uk

Principle Investigator:
Aleata Alstad-Calkins
University of Roehampton

Director of Studies Contact Details
And Head of Department Contact Details:
Dr. Diane Bray
University of Roehampton
020 8392 3627

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