Nolan, I have the same problem sometimes too. At times it's hard to remember who I am, what I am doing. And the most exhausting part of how we have changed is that as adult survivors, we are now on constant alert... at least I am. To give you a little example... someone a couple weeks ago pointed out that if they moved in closer to me during conversation, as in "leaning in" as they spoke, I immediately back away. When this was pointed out, I realized this person was correct. I was on alert and no one is allowed into my "space". Unfortunately that space has increased to an unacceptable social level. Without working on this, soon I will be conversing with people from the other end of the football field, thinking its normal.

It takes such an enormous amount of energy to focus and maintain, that sometimes I just give up and stay to myself for a few days. I hope it gets better for you.

For now we see through a glass, darkly.