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Even if I do feel horrible right now, I'm glad I finally managed to at least start talking about it.

Hey TXB,

It's great that you're here even though the circumstances that brought you here suck. To be able to write about an experience and even look for therapy sure makes me feel guilty That I wasn't able to do it for around 40+ years. I fucked up my whole life hiding what your first opening up to. I think that's really great. It's not easy to talk about stuff when it brings on really bad feelings.

It sounds like you got your feel solidly on the ground and you know where your going. Sure did a hell of a lot better than me.

I think that you did really great about writing down about what happened and then were even able to talk about it with your T. I couldn't even think about my shit and when I finally got a T I clammed up totally not able to talk to him. Sort of had him pulling chicken's teeth. One thing I do and have had pretty good success with is making a timeline of what went on in your childhood. This way if you remember something you add it to the proper place in your timeline. You actually see how shit evolves.

Anyway you look at it your on the right track. It's not easy but being able to be open about your stuff is a huge step and a huge beginning to heal and have a great future. You sound so positive about getting past your shit. I wish you all the magic in the world to pull that off. It will happen.

Feel free to PM me anytime for anything. You came to the right place with some of the greatest guys in the world. They are willing to put out for a fellow survivor. I'm glad you feel glad about opening up.

Thanks I needed a pick me up from my down day.

Peace, Rainbows, Love & Healing
Stick around, It will get better....🌹🌹🌹