ACtually myself I'm rapidly coming to the conclusion there are two utterly different types of arousal if you like, physical and emotional, and this works just as much for women as for men, the problem is we live in a culture which refuses to recognize the fact that men can have an emotional aspect to s/xual interest, so where women are encouraged to think of falling in love and relationships, men it's all about the purely physical, boys are taught to be interested in "girls" but not in love.

Myself, I hate both my own s/xuality, and the way society treats it. As a teenager I was taught exactly what happened when my body (or at least my penis), betrayed me, namely humiliation, physical violence etc. I used to sit in class praying that I could stop my body doing what it was doing, especially during the abuse, since a girl could be as calous, hurtful, unpleasant or humiliating as she wanted and yet I'd still respond, ---- dam women are lucky that their physical responses are so hidden.

All; I learned as a teenager was that if I mb'd, I could stop that from happening, and that's how I continue, since I hate my own reactions still, and yet my hatred has no power on the betrayal of my body.

The sad thing however is that if this was! just physical I could dismis it, something utterly devorced from me, just like a pimpal or going to the toilet, a vaguely unpleasant biological process that I didn't need to care about.

The problem however is the emotional side to things, since that is something I've wanted, even at the same time as I have a disgust for and fear of the physical, yet, being male, and being in a society where men are thought of as only physical, nobody wants that sort of emotional connection with me.

So sod it! s/xuality is something that happens to other people.if I have to mb occasionally to stop my body betraying me, it's no more than shaving to stop myself growing a barbarous beerd, and I'll kill that emotional desire if I can.

Frankly, I wish I had no s/xuality, it brings me nothing but either fear and disgust, or pointless desire for something that I can't have, indeed if it weren't for the fact that it'd have a profound effect on my voice I might considder medical castration, since this is just something I don't want and don't see why i should be troubled with just because society says I'm a man and I should.