Its obvious who the enemy is I mean serously check this out these feminists blame us for their actions.
These feminists have a talk show and in this episode, they decide to talk about male victims of domestic violence. To start off, they stress that women are the overwhelming victims of violence, and what male victims there are are only victims by technicality and don't really deserve to be counted. Then they bring on a feminist doctor who goes into further detail that denying a woman money counts as domestic violence. She also explains how when you study the statistics the proper/feminist way, you can see that women are the overwhelming majority of victims. The feminist head of a shelter for only women and children begrudgingly admits that it is harder for men to receive help than women and she sounds a bit disappointed when she adds that some of her shelters actually do a little to help men. When confronted with an American study finding that men and women engage in violent and controlling behaviors at comparable rates, the feminists naturally disregard them on the grounds that they have faulty methodology. The study found that women are violent and it asked the same questions regardless of sex, so clearly it must be faulty.

But probably the most abhorrent thing said was that a significant proportion of males classified as victims are actually perpetrators. She stresses that those who help male victims have to be trained to screen these men to make sure they aren't actually perpetrators. Naturally, no such precautions are necessary for women who claim to be victims. These are the sentiments expressed by the director of domestic violence shelters across Britain. The doctor agreed that it was necessary to scrutinize male victims more than female
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