Will, I also like swimming! although haven't gone for maybe 3 years, besides in the sea. I might get back into that. I'm not sure why I stopped, I guess life gets in the way sometimes. I'm going to try to do my exercise before work because of the problem you describe.

I do want to try to build some muscle, and have a fair idea of the exercises I want to do to get what I want.
I think a good mix with cardio is the best way.

I didn't have lunch today- and opted to pick up two chicken sandwiches from a shop on the way home (warm pre-cooked stuff- basically fast food), which probably wasn't the healthiest option.

I don't think I need to eat anything else today- i'm feeling like I have been eating too much lately.

So if all goes well- tomorrow morning I will do some exercise.

Will, why such a big breakfast?