I've seen some posts here about people being harassed, and it's not good. It does seem however that it's ok to dump openly on people of faith. I think restricting faith based ideas to the spirituality forum is a good idea too and I post mine there. Still, some people go there to blanket bomb people of faith, while claiming to be more "enlightened". I do not go to forums / threads that promote ideas I don't agree with, just to harass others or attack a whole group, but it sure seems to be tolerated when people do that in the spirituality section.

A recent post in the US News thread talked about a site being shut down, and the two comments posted below it were an attack on people of faith again. Ok, I can see why some feel that site going away is a good idea. However, to celebrate the downfall of intolerance (as they saw it) by being intolerant themselves is somewhat hypocritical. Another news item not long ago had people claiming that conservatives are more likely to be predators then liberals. I never knew the two were connected however, and the idea is offensive. As far as I know, politics has no link to predators.

If this site is to be about healing, let it be that alone. I do not object to any of the thread groups as I can choose which ones I participate in, but I do object to rules being applied unevenly. What is not ok for some, should not be fine for others, just because it's more PC to look the other way. Maybe that is not the intent, but it sure feels that way.