All problems are only compounded by the consumption of alcohol?

Discuss the validity of that statement (if you like).

How many guys here have completely or partly given up alcohol and for what reasons?

I'm planning on giving it up for fitness, although it seems that alcohol is an important aspect in social situations, and obviously being social is an important part of happiness.
I am definitely more social and talkative after drinking alcohol- so it does have benefits for me. It helps me to relax and feel happy- at least for me. Also I don't like pop (fizzy drinks/soda) very much so if I do go out there isn't much choice in a pub.

However, for some people, if you are already feeling sad, alcohol can make you feel more sad, and some people are also violent/angry drunks. When I was in the middle of recovery alcohol would make me more sad and I would more easily go into fits of flashbacks/triggers/dissociation. Now alcohol just helps me to relax after a hard days work, but I try not to drink very often because I have hard work every day so I probably only drink either once a week or once every few weeks- but I sometimes drink until i'm too tired to continue. I understand also that some people may be adverse to drink if their abuser/abusers used to be drunk.

They say all things in moderation- but if I have one pint it is often followed by a few more. And I like ale, which has high calories, so for me, even drinking just once a week kind of un-does any fitness hope I have.