Does anyone have any idea where to start investigating whether a perpetrator was ever arrested or convicted? My problem is that my memories are still pretty fragmented and I cannot remember much about the coach who abused me or the other men that were involved, no names at all. I just know that it was a ring of people, and that pornography was involved. Is there a resource that I can find out, even generally if there were ever any arrests or convictions given a specific time frame (like 1975, 1976, 1977, or even later) and a specific location, such as the town and location in the town where the abuse happened?

I have tried doing Google searches and have not found much, except for a vague reference to a pedophile ring that was busted in New Orleans, Louisiana in 1976, which was across the lake from the town I lived in as a kid in 1975-1977 in connection with the Oakland County Child Killer case in Michigan and the multi-state pedophile ring associated with that case.

I know there are a lot of national agencies. I know they all have 1-800 numbers I can call. But honestly, it was a bit overwhelming to me when I started reading all the webpages and brochures. I felt more confused than ever. And felt exactly like that helpless kid again.

So, I was hoping to see if anyone on the board has done this, and has any advice or experience before I start dialing those numbers and going through those motions. Even if it just a link or a referral to another post on the board. I would be grateful.

This is a huge step for me and it is really hard to read all this shit about perps and pedophile rings and even think about talking to some stranger about it. Hell, it's hard just to type this. But, I think I am ready to see if I can find some answers, and even if I can't to at least feel like I tried. And want to get any information that might be helpful before I move forward with this.

Feel free to PM me about this if you want.


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