1. He was living with his mother because I kicked him out when I found out he was emailing men from a dating site. He said he wanted to talk so we met up and he told me. We had been married 5 years when he disclosed.

2. I always knew something was not right. One drunken night right after we were married I caught him fondling another man, various times caught him watching gay porn and many, many sexual issues. I never suspected abuse. I though maybe it was lack of experience and maybe curiosity. I am his first and only lover.

3. He started seeing a therapist but it was not the right one for him. He had a couple of relapses into the talking to other men. After the last one I told him it was either get help or I am gone, he found a good therapist and started EMDR therapy for his abuse. Went for about 6 months and stopped. He recently found another therapist due to all his sexual issues that he swears do not stem from the abuse.