Here is some background to my question. I was raped for two years when I was nine and ten. At age eleven I started doing drugs and drinking, to deal with the pain of it all. Being raped really did a number on me. I went to a shrink and she really helped me get off the drugs and alcohol but she really didn't help me with being raped. I'm currently searching for the most qualified doctor I can find, as a second question if anyone can give me a recommendation for a dr in WA State that would be great. But my question is with the best help that I can get how much better does it get. I don't think I'll ever "get over it" but for example I'm constantly depressed and always anxious. Can those things go away for good? Not saying will I never be depressed or anxious again but will I only experience these when appropriate, not all the time. I also feel very alone, a lot of that has to do with having anxiety in social situations and a lot of trust issues, I just can't open myself up to let people close. It's like I'm always on guard. Will seeing a shrink help with that? I guess my question is do we ever stop surviving life and start living life?