We hold these truths to be self evident, that ALL men are Created Equal. Our Forebears speak to us from Seneca Falls, from Selma, and from Stonewall. They tell us that the message that was sent to the British Crown wasn't just for white men, that it applied to Women, Black people and yes..OH YES...to Gay people.

The struggle for equality for gay people is prevalent to Male Survivors because of the Pulpits across America where hatred and bigotry are preached even today. Were we living in a Society where there was no difference between gay and straight how many of us would struggle with feelings of fear and shame about our gay identity? How many of us would contemplate living a life pretending that we were not gay, or even worse, deal with trying to balance the wife we love with the sex we crave? No matter what your situation, it would be better if being gay was not something to be ashamed of. It would be better if being gay were not equated with sin, but instead validated as a normal acceptable state of being, acting, and behaving.

Today...despite years of discrimination, the final decision is for acceptance, love, tolerance, and equality.

It is a good day for me. I can see people rallying in the streets, I want to join them...but must wait till this evening. It is going to be good, great, life affirming, loving, and the words we say today will live on beyond today. Just as today's decision was born out of many incremental steps.

I can remember when police didn't pursue suspects of gay hate crimes. I have seen men beat up in the street for being gay and everyone acted like they deserved it. We are not done, but this will do nicely for today.