I came out about 6/7 months ago at the age of 60. It was a long process for me to get to that place. I was first sexually abused starting at about age 4. Was always attracted to other boys and had a few secret boyfriends through Middle and High School.
After I graduated I moved to get away from a family I didn't feel I fit within. I did not have any contact with other gays for years and ended up married to a woman who was my best friend. During our marriage I was forced to deal with the years of sexual abuse I endured, which was a good thing. My wife supported me through the entire ordeal. Several years later I supported her through several years of cancer treatments. She passed away a few years ago. The end of 2012 I finally actually came out to my and my wife's family.
I am now coming to terms with being a gay man, what I've missed over the last 40 years and what does the future hold? Of course dealing with the affects of being sexually abused are an ongoing issue that comes and go.
So that is a little about me.