is it sexual assault/ abusive? let me clarify. if someone holds you down and forces themselves on to... TRIGGER WARNING your privates, erect. holds you down and forces you insidethem and wont get off you until you ejaculate against your will. do you consider that, rape? sexual abuse? just hte way guys are supposed to have sex? (i say not)

i feel it is rape but its hard to think like that. and it seems like, everywhere i look in my past. i cant find a healthy sexual relationship save one or two and that disturbs me. what is it about me that says willing victim and not something else? why is it that i have to be violated so much before realizing somethings been terribly wrong for a long time.

and since sadly i know my cyber stalkers read the shit i post FUCK YOU IN ADVANCE. thank you to the many more legitimate patrons of this site.

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