I wonder if anyone else has experienced this, comments welcome from supporters or survivor:

I can recall 5-10 times that my ex (survivor) said "goodbye", to mean a final goodbye, over the course of our relationship. It used to last only days and then it would be weeks, but always he would be back, making contact with a new promise to change. Sometimes he would even say things like, "you will never hear from or see me again". And just when you are beginning to accept that very idea, BAM he makes contact.

I, being the fool that I am, couldn't help but believe each time when he returned that he was finally going to get help for real like he said. Yet, he would do little to nothing until such time as he would give up and say that I deserved better, that he couldn't do this to us anymore, that he might be ok..."one day" but not now.

The question is, why return or make contact if you truly want better for that person and for them to move on to better and brighter days? And you know you won't commit to recovery?? Surely, you would want to make it easier for them to move on....?