Hi All,
Just had an exchange with Joe Smith, and he commented about me wanting more details, that it was tough.

Here's the deal: I have no clue about your inner workings if you've been abused, other than what I have read here.

Therefore, yes, I want EVERY detail about what a man thinks from the moment he wakes up in the morning until the next morning when he wakes up again.

Such as: I don't want to get out of bed, it's raining & rain is a trigger.

Or, I havea full schedule today, I'm already behind, let's get on project number 1.

Or: I'd like to date, that girl over by the meat case looks nice, but what will she say if I walk over? Will she be able to tell I'be been abused? Or what if she want to touch me? "Love" is yucky....
Yuck! I'd rather be alone. Maybe I'll just watch her and see what she does. Maybe she'll wander over here and say "hi" to me. Maybe I'll leave the store first.

Or: If that guy says one more thing impugning my manhood, I'm going to hit him in the jaw. He better hope that's all I do.

Whatever you men are thinking!
Spill it!