I made a dramatic (without the drama) move today. Earlier this week I initiated an email requesting a call or appt to discuss my experience at the Headache Clinic. To refresh the memory, its the one in which I became an established patient and as time went on, received some rather "not so cool" behavior and comments from the health providers. Especially for a survivor of same sex assault...

If you wish to read I included the link to the original post from March

Okay, so the dr returns my call today. I told her why I left her services. I told her how uncomfortable her staff had made me feel because of the things they said and how the behavior they presented was loaded with sexual innuendos. I told her of the inappropriate conversation in the "vitals" room on dating advice. AND I TOLD HER.... that I was in intensive therapy for sexual abuse and assault and it DOUBLED my pain to be treated in that manner.

I even remembered to tell her of the final text I received after a month passed after I said I was uncomfortable and not returning..... it was the one in which the chick lady said I was WEIRD because I said the entire scene made me uncomfortable as the patient.

I explained how embarrassed I was explaining this- but that I had carried it for months and it was just inappropriate. I also made the statement that if I had been female and the pt and staff male... her clinic could be dealing with some ugly stuff.

Also let her know that behavior like this isn't learned in a day, and that it probably would happen again to another patient. Just a matter of time.

YES, I DID... big boy pulled up his big boy pants and reclaimed some dignity and power. Of course tomorrow I will be second guessing myself, but right now.... nope. It feels good. "I give it back Ms and Ms Health Provider. Now, you handle it and think about it just like I did for all those months."
For now we see through a glass, darkly.